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9 Sivan, 5775 / Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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A school-based counseling program that serves the greater New York City Metropolitan area

For almost a third of a century the CounterForce Program, in its own unassuming manner, has been performing a vital and unique service for the entire Greater New York area. Since its inception, tens of thousands of children and many hundreds of families have been saved from the depths of agony and despair because of the superb professional services that are provided by the dedicated staff of this program. Principals, teachers and parents are unanimous in their eloquent praise for the invaluable assistance that they receive from this protective arm of the Torah community.

CounterForce has earned this esteem by virtue of its emphasis on versatality as well as quality.

From its early beginnings as a school – based counseling program, CounterForce has continuously expanded so that it now offers a full range of mental health services at the hands of a Torah true staff.

Torah education in this country is indeed proud that it possesses so precious a gem in its diadem of community services.


Contact Us:

813 Quentin Road (Suite 203) Brooklyn, New York 11223
718-787-4412 (Phone)
718-787-4418 (Fax)

Contacts/Support Staff:

R. Moshe Wangrofsky : Program Director
Sterna Lerman : Coordinators - Parent Training Program & Therapy Program
Susanna Morgenthau : Coordinator - Evaluation Program
Miriam Heilbrun : Supervisor - Remedial Program
Pirchi Alpert : Administrator and Supervisor - Outreach/Mentoring Program
Rabbi Yehuda Zakutinsky : Coordinator - Outreach Program / School Placement

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