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5 Sivan, 5775 / Saturday, May 23, 2015
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For over fifteen years, the Community Development and Outreach Department has worked under the visionary guidance of its founding Director, Rabbi Chaim Nosson Segal, to take the voice of Torah and enable it to be heard in both the nearest and farthest reaches of North America. Its labors have taken it to some of the newer, exponentially growing Jewish population centers of the United States – from Charlotte, North Carolina and Victoria, British Columbia to, for example, Scottsdale, Arizona and Norfolk, Virginia – as well as to established and even aging communities.

A mere recitation of impressive numbers would include such highlights as the assistance that has been extended to found or expand more than thirty Community Kollelim, to launch more than a dozen out of town Day Schools, Mesivtas, and Bais Yaakovs, the efforts that have been instrumental in starting – or placing Rabbis in – more than fifty Shuls in new, developing or struggling communities. Scores of innovative outreach programs – both school – based and non-school-based-outreach programs owe their origins to the Great Resource Community Development which has made over 45 million dollars in grants since its inception.

All of these statistics – and many more that could be mustered – would not fully tell the story of the Department's work. Once a community has formed a partnership with Rabbi Segal as an ally and advocate for its development, it has gained for itself a multi-faceted resource. Whether functioning as a community's consultant, advisor, mentor, grant-maker or placement agency, Rabbi Segal has provided versatile and comprehensive assistance in aiding communities in their struggle to establish expanded Torah infrastructure (whether in the shape of school, Shul, community Kollel, Mesivta, Bais Yaakov, or outreach program) and experience a new or renewed vitality. He has the wherewithal to place at a beneficiary community's disposal the department's associate, Rabbi David Merkin, along with any appropriate member of the highly skilled staff of Torah Umesorah

Decades of Torah Umesorah experience have shown that not only is the school pivotal for genuine Jewish continuity, but the overall Jewish health of a community is crucial for the continuity of the Torah day school. Rabbi Segal has worked tirelessly so that communities will have the living examples of their yungerleit to inspire the school's talmidim AND the parents of their talmidim.


Contact Us:

Rabbi Chaim Nosson (Nate) Segal,
(212) 227-1000 ext. 4518 (Phone)

Associate Director:

Rabbi David Merkin, ext. 4517
Lila Broochian, ext. 4516


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