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4 Sivan, 5775 / Friday, May 22, 2015
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Project Hemshech works within schools. It was developed to help a school that could use the assistance in ensuring that their graduates continue on to a Torah-true Jewish education. Primarily the program deals with students of grades 7-8 and 11-12, but can work with any high school age. The ideal candidates are schools where the students' Torah-true backgrounds may be lacking and where the continuation ratio of the students to higher Torah-true education is not 100%. The entire class is dealt with as a whole, so that no individual is singled out. In reality all children will benefit from the program, even those who are already committed to their Torah-true education.

The vehicle that Project Hemshech uses is for the students to learn with Kollel Yungerman, two students per mentor, following a school-based curriculum. The goal is that a relationship will form between the mentor and the students, to better influence the continuation of the student's learning. The program ideally should take place in the Kollel Beis Medrash, where students can be influenced further by the kol Torah. If this does not seem feasible, the Kollel Yungerman will travel to the school.

The success rate is measured by seeing how many of the students involved in the program continue on to the next level – elementary students to Torah-true high schools, and high school students to Israel for a year's program of learning or to a Beis Medrash - Kollel and work environment. Last year, Torah Umesorah had an 86% rate of graduates continuing on to Torah-true education.

Mentors are paid for time spent learning with students only. Payment is dependent upon forming and maintaining mentor-student relationship outside school hours as well. The payment to mentors is usually shared between the school and Torah Umesorah. Surveys and monthly reports are mandatory for mentors to ensure the program's goals.

From the school standpoint, the program is not voluntary, but more of a mandatory program to ensure that students are fully participating. Torah Umesorah maintains confidential files to ensure that all facets of the program are running as planned.

The program is open to both boys and girls; however there is usually a shortage of Orthodox women available to dedicate their time outside of their family life.


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