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7 Sivan, 5775 / Monday, May 25, 2015
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  • The Publications Department of Torah Umnesorah produces many, if not most, of the learning materials in limudei kodesh for schools across North America. These include wall posters and assorted other products to enhance the classroom.
  • Publications has also branched out into audio and visual materials to meet the changing needs of the Jewish studies venue.
  • The materials distributed by Publications also include finer works produced by a growiung number of individual educators who have the capacity for word processing and publishing.
  • Download the latest Publications Catalog.
  • Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Dirtector of Publications, also heads the new "Communications" division.
  • Hamechanech, a new magazine for educators has been established for Torah teachers across America, providing an important forum for articles on relevant chinuch topics .
  • Communications also publicizes the works and services of Torah Umesorah, by means of new TU media, such as 'Portals' a monthly email and hard copy communication to inetrested parties...'Visions,' a semi-annual hard-copy product, illuminating the achievements made by the organization.
  • Apart from these, there is a regular flow of articles published primarily in the Yated and the Hamodia, spreading the word about TU's inroards in education and outreach to tens of thousands of readers wordlwide.


Contact Us:

Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein,
718-744-3800 ext. 4557 (Phone)


Hamechanech Magazine
Fax: 718-259-1795

Contacts/Support Staff::

Olomeinu Editor - Mrs. G. Willner
Bookkeeper - Mrs. M. Pomerantz
Secretary - Mrs. P. Bergman
Customer Service - Mrs. C.B. Vorhand
Shipping - Rabbi Moshe Fruchter
Torah Umesorah Publications
1090 Coney Island Avenue
3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11230


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