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7 Sivan, 5775 / Monday, May 25, 2015
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While there has been an increase of services provided by state and local authorities to students in our yeshiva network with special educational needs, often times these services are not properly coordinated.

In order that the student fully gain from these essential services, we are training and placing 'special education coordinators' whose job it is to coordinate with all the parties involved(i.e. principal, teachers, providers, therapists and parents).

On the Limudei Kodesh side we offer workshops from masters in the field to Rabbeim to assist in their teaching both in the resource room and the mainstream classroom.

On a different venue, we are creating partnerships between lay leaders in order to build and strengthen new schools.

One of the projects in the field of Special Education we are currently working on involves the development and implementation of 'Search & Teach,' a program that has successfully prevented learning disabilities. The program, geared for children ages 4-5, detects learning disorders and corrects them through intervention, helping prevent learning disabilities that often are first noticed only after the child is learning to read. We are also updating and enhancing the highly successful Kriah Scan produced by Torah Umesorah, which many yeshivos use as a diagnostic tool to evaluate a student's reading capabilities. It has proven to be a valuable method in the teaching of Kriah.

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