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9 Sivan, 5775 / Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Home >>Torah Umesorah Divisions >> About Torah Umesorah

The Vision:

Providing every jewish child and family in North America
with an inspiring Torah education.

Inspiring Students Empowering Educators

Torah Umesorah is dedicated to helping students, teachers, principals and administrators enhance and improve the classroom experience. Our ultimate mission is to help every jewish child:

  • Develop yiras shomayim, character, love of Torah, and middos
  • Receive an excellent limudei kodesh and general studies education
  • Achieve his or her potential


Training and MentoringCurriculum DevelopmentNational Network
  • Aish Dos – Teacher Training & Professional Development for Yeshiva and Day School Educators
  • Principal Fellowships – Chevras Yesud Ma'aloh
  • National Council of Yeshiva Principals
  • School visitations
  • Curriculum Development – Ba'er Hetev
  • Teacher Resource Centers
  • Creative Learning Pavilion –
  • Publications
  • ZechorYemos Olam – Holocaust Studies
  • Conventions and Seminars
  • Bureau of Personnel Resource


Special Education and Social Solutions

Torah Umesorah has developed trailblazing special education programs that address the unique social and academic needs of struggling students. The objective of these programs are:

  • Early intervention to identify problems
  • Provide effective treatment
  • Equip schools with the tools needed to educate every child in their care


  • Counterforce – Student counseling
  • Hemshech – Preparing students for the next level of education
  • Hebrew Pronunciation and Reading Comprehension: The Robert and Debbie Hartman Knah Scan

Community Development and Outreach

No institution exists in a vacuum, much less the dynamic world of education. Thus, Torah Umesorah's central mission of education has grown to include building and strengthening entire communities. The lives of thousands of families in hundreds of cities have been changes through Torah Umesorah community development, outreach and adult education programs.


  • Kollel
  • Community Development
  • Project SEED
  • Partners In Torah

Message from the Director

It is a privilege for me to be at the helm of Torah Umesorah. As North America's foremost presence in Torah education, our organization has been providing services and guidance in the field for nearly seven decades. Baruch Hashem, our services now extend to over 700 Torah schools and dozens of kiruv facilities across the continent – many of which were actually established by Torah Umesorah.

Needless to say, the achievements of Torah Umesorah are directly attributable to the talented individuals, past and present, who comprise the organization's professional family.



620 Foster Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(Phone) 212-227-1000
(Fax) 212-406-6934

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